• How we spend your money

    We believe in hyper transparency & accountability

  • To us, transparency means holding ourselves accountable to the people we serve. To you.


    When joining us you are taking a leap of faith. So it’s only fair that in return we always strive to be completely honest, forthcoming and transparent. Even about how we spend your money! We see our program as a tool for social change, a constant challenge to the status quo. So we want to give you the power of choice.


    90% of the price goes back to creating an amazing experience!


    Program Fee is 8700€ for the 10-weeks. Here is how we use it:




    Courses & online tools




    Fun activities


    Beachfront office




    Extra goodies (eg.: scooter)





  • It's time for Straight Talk

    So, your full expense towards the all inclusive 10-week program will be 8700€

    Here are the extra costs:

    What will the fee not cover?

    • your visa (c. 180€)
    • travel insurance (c. 205€)
    • dinners (between 2-8€/meal - lets count with the median of 5€, totaling to 375€ for 10 weeks)
    • your extra needs (this can range from 0 to thousands, so we'll go with an extra 500€)
    Total not covered: 1260€ + Program fee: 8700€

    What will the fee cover that will make my life easier?

    We've been visiting the island for years now. And actually living here right now! We know the best places to eat and chill at. The best spots to take a peek from. And we've even discovered some of the local specialties that no one talks about to keep it secret. We're sharing all that we've learnt and giving it to you which some say is priceless.


    We'll be making life simpler by providing daily breakfast and fruit-baskets for lunch during work time. Organized weekly trips. Fun surprises. Amazing experience. All you need to do is show up every day. You'll be cochanged in no time.

  • Still have questions?

    Let's hop on a video call. We'd love to hear your thoughts & answer your questions right now

    Resources you get

    You'll get marketing automation tools to do websites, workflows, triggered messages, engagement tracking, behavioral targeting, social monitoring & so on

    Just do what you want!

    When was the last time you said that to yourself?

    What would it be like to finally reach your goal of independence?

    Picture yourself

    When was the last

    time you completely

    stepped out of your


    Imagine a life where all your

    time is spent on the things

    you want to do

    Say goodbye to stress

    Our job is to find the disconnected and connect them

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