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► ► ► Reached 2.6M Facebook users by single post in Hungary (5M users)

Social was just a new era when starting. Through social, we learnt so much about communication and about human psychology.
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The question remained if you too were social ►
Social is the opposite of broadcast.
Broadcast is about telling people things.
Social is about talking with people about those things.
And we loved talking.
So we did. For 6 beautiful years.
Renamed it to AKT after. Social Activation Agency
We were...
✔ INDEPENDENT AND HUNGARIAN. But with international know how.
✔ YOUNG AND ADVENTUROUS. But respectful and elegant.
✔ SMALL AND ADAPTIVE. And up for inventive new solutions.
✔ FAST AND EFFECTIVE. But never superficial.
✔ OPEN AND FRIENDLY. But ever-loyal to partners.
✔ PERFECTIONIST AND PUNCTUAL. But playful when it comes to creativity.
✔ THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE. And not afraid to go out and seek it.